Tuesday, October 31, 2006

People Tired of Hearing About Katrina

I've read and heard that people in general are tired of hearing about Katrina. I guess it's easy to get tired of certain issues when you have no personal ties to said issues and/or you are the kind of person who, in general, just doesn't give a flying rat's ass about anything that affects other people.

Either way, I'm going to keep on writin' about Kat until the cows come home because right now, if most of the people on the coast were cows, they would NOT have a home (a real home) to come home to!

Pearlington, for example, is a small isolated community that was basically in the epicenter of Katrina along with Waveland. Pearlington is on the Pearl River across from the LA border about 12.5 mi. east of Slidell and 15 mi. west of Waveland. It's in the middle of nowhere and not many people know that the town no longer exists as far as having any place to shop, to go to school, or to go to the library.

The biggest relief group there is Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. However, they had NO volunteers for the month of August.

Since Pearlington is a small community and not a municipality, it was not included in Barbour's exaltation of “Recover, rebuild, renew” thus, no plan was created for Pearlington from Barbour's Charrette.

Although I disagree with most of the ideology behind the Charette's resulting plans which extole the values of Smart Code and New Urbanism, I find it very disheartening that small communities were entirely forgotten and left to fend for themselves. Even though Pearlington does not need Smart Code and New Urbanism, there are people still in tents and trailers
who deserve to be recognized and helped by the state and by Bush!

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http://operationeden.blogspot.com/ -- this is an incredible site, read Clayton Cubitt's update about his Mom getting a Katrina cottage -Tuesday, August 29, 2006 - " One Year Holding On " and check out his beautiful photography - click - Katrina: A gallery of images.

Please help Pearlington however you can. It's not too late to help. -- http://www.pearlingtonrelief.blogspot.com/


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