Wednesday, June 02, 2010


This oilspill in the Gulf is devastation out of control. People
are worried sick and getting angrier. That does include me! I live the
coast and feel for all of her people, animals, islands, bayous, and

As if Katrina didn't do enough to us and Louisiana... NOW BP and other
BIG OIL is killing us off. They had NO contenciency plans for possible
disasterous scenarios. They were relying on 1979 "technology" when
drilling was only 200' deep! WHAT were they doing with all of their
billions in profits???

Maybe they should've been required by government to invest in Skimmers
and up-to-date technology to cap leaks & blowouts.

Maybe they should get a brain! And stop being greed-driven, selfish

The first one I wrote today. OS is Ocean Springs, MS--- my favorite
place on the coast.

Second image is from right after the disaster when oil was heading
into Louisiana bayous.


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