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Horn Island was made famous by Ocean Springs' famous nature-loving eccentric artist, Walter Anderson.

Anderson spent much of his time out on the Horn communing with the vibrant nature of a most beautiful and  peaceful place. Then, unharmed by Man.

He usually rowed out to the island early in the mornings and would spend days camping out there, writing about what he saw and thought. He lived with the wildlife of the place and even fed some of the animals, made friends with some, and took care of one's who needed care.

Today a Coastal boater's vessel was coated with oil when he decided to go out to Horn Island to check out the place and see if any oil had reached it.

Oil had reached the infamous island.

But what seemed a disgusting slam to this major issue was yet another ignorant, uneducated remark posted at end of story::

Talk about a story 
"What a important story, someone uses his boat to go to a island that has Oil and Tar balls around it and his boat gets oil on it and this is news worthy? I'm sorry I know the spill is tragic more so than most being a resident for almost 50 years but this is a great example of a story that should not have ran. Whats next a person running down the street and notice that he/she sweats after a 1/2 hour?"
Today, 8:20:05 PM


to read more, go to WLOX- Biloxi:
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