Tuesday, October 31, 2006

U2/Green Day Video - Focus on New Orleans!!

So... a new video from the forces of U2 and Green Day - combining their skills in covering a song by The Skids, "The Saints Are Coming." Of course MS was left out of the scenery of Katrina's havoc, but I guess that had something to do with the NO SAINTS and not the heroic Saints of Heaven in the disguise of American soldiers. I don't know... it baffles me and irritates the crap out of me that MS continues to be the forgotten land even though Kat wiped communities off the frikin' MAP!!!


:: :: Aerial views of our MS coast :: :: ::

If you haven't been to the coast, check out the aerial panoramas that Ed Fink shot right after Katrina. Fink is a VR photographer who shoots full spherical (180 x 360) panoramas from a helicopter. These are a little dizzying to look at if you move your mouse too fast, but they offer a truly awesome perspective of what Katrina has done to our coastal communities. He included 18 areas in MS along with just a few from LA.


Another source for incredible aerials was created by Duke University. Their aerials are some of the best I've seen because they are flying fairly low to the ground.

Be sure to "visit" Waveland - the epicenter of Kat and their neighbor Bay St. Louis. This is a powerful record of what Kat did and part of the reason why the coast is still in limbo about "rebuilding."

How do you rectify total devastation?
How do you resurrect whole communities when you've lost most of your tax base?
How do you do this without selling off the land to Big Corps. that will build LUX Condos and Casinos so that visitors and the part-time residents in those LUX abodes have "something to entertain" themselves with which in return produces those coveted AND NEEDED TAXES???


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