Thursday, November 20, 2008


KATRINA RELIEF – a disaster relief operation in Hancock County, Mississippi.

Recycling Left Over Construction Supplies

There are approximately 12,000 damaged homes in Hancock County - if after the construction was complete on 30% of those homes they found they had a left over 2x4 and they donated that piece of lumber to a volunteer construction camp - we would have 3,600 2x4's to build approximately fourteen more homes.

If you have any left over building supplies - sheetrock, lumber, shingles, plumbing and electrical supplies, paint, paint brushes, rollers, nails, screws - we desperately need those and any other construction items to help others build their homes. Call us at:
(228) 466-4630.

Kathleen Johnson, Director of Katrina Relief, Director of Field Operations of the Waveland Citizens Fund a registered 501 (c) 3 non profit / Located at 700 Tabor St., Waveland, MS 39576


Phone: (228) 466-4630
Fax: (228) 466-4638
Cell: (228) 344-8616

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