Wednesday, December 17, 2008


astute - being able to assess situations or people and turn this to one’s advantage : an astute businessman.

It appears that south Diamondhead, MS hasn't gone through enough trouble with the on-going devastating effects of Katrina.

The local community Kings of Zoning and Re-Zoning have made it plain that they care nothing for the local person who lost everything and is now having to deal with their neighborhood being made available to out-of-state casino/hotel/spa/la-dee-da developers! The City "Fathers" and the developers (of course) claim that casinos are just what the coast needs more of in order to supply "jobs" and of course more tax revenue. What about supplying some housing for those who STILL don't have a home???

The thing that stinks the most about the south Diamondhead issue is the attitude. The Colorado-based developer, Jacobs Entertainment Inc., has magically acquired a majority of the shares in property known as Harbor House and is now planning to make it into "single-owned town homes, not rentals." According to the Bay St. Louis newspaper, The Sea Coast Echo, "Jacobs officials said that Hurricane Katrina caused several changes to the area including blight, crime, and less residency." What an astute observation! I guess rezoning land to build casinos for tourists and condos for purchase should take care of that little matter! And this is supposed to be a "positive effect" on the community . . .

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