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When I read this story, I remembered yet again how I felt after the landfall of Katrina.

I remember immediately after Katrina hit the Mississippi Coast that I was focusing on Ocean Springs as that was the place I'd fallen in love with in Nov. 2004. In trying to get any and all information on damages that I could, I remember that St. Andrews was very badly hit. I would see it mentioned numerous times in posts to message boards. Those days were horrible when communications were down and extremely limited. Save for two people in particular in Ocean Springs, I wouldn't have found out quite so much about my dream place. They even drove around and gave me reports of damage! And me, a stranger. Friends indeed.

With dreams of moving to the beloved "OS" in 2007, Katrina wiped that dream-slate clean! Housing issues: the ensuing rising costs of rents, home prices, and insurance was just not what I had "dreamed of." Of course, I know that is true even more so for those who lived there to begin with and who have been so diligently trying to rebuild their lives. My dream is of little importance compared to their needs.

St. Andrews is just one of many areas that still needs rebuilding and re-populated. In a few months, it will be 4 years since the infamous destruction of so much of our beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast and areas inland as well. The snail's pace just seems to keep on creeping along though, and hopefully, one day recovery will be a reality.

Those "two people" I mentioned:
Ocean Springs/Katrina - Lonny D. Root
Hurricane Watchdog - Lisa Wesson
Ocean Springs

Downtown OS- Washington Ave.

The Ruskin Live Oak

Night Time at Inner Harbor - Egrets Roosting

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