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Jackson 1997-2008


I just recently figured out why it is that I had developed a chronic wheezing in my chest & why I've been having episodes of very short-windedness for the past year and a half. I now have asthmatic bronchitis which is aggravated by being in a small apartment with the scoopable cat litter, Scoop Away.

After having to scoop the litter twice yesterday morning (my hubby ususally does it), I had an episode of wheezing within minutes and had to use my inhaler. Within a few minutes more, my wheezing was gone.

One important matter was that the scent left by Scoop Away had become an issue in the past few months. The scent was within my nose and could be smelled when I wasn't even close to the litter box. Just out of the blue, I could smell the strong "perfume" inside of my nose. I began to think that was very weird. I mentioned it to my daughter and she had experienced the same thing. With some investigation on her part, 2 & 2 came together and equalled a bad scenario.

In my apartment, the litter box was under my (art) work table in the living room. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that when I picked up some paint tubes from a shelf by the table, they smelled like litter. Lastnight I picked up a catalog to order some digital paper and it was so strong, I had to wipe the catalog off with soap and wash my hands! Then I realized everything around there had taken on the "perfumy" scent of the litter.

My daughter came over today and we dawned masks and hot soapy water and began a clean-up of the area. It was particularly hard to wash the scent off of plastics... my storage baskets, for example, and the paint tubes themselves. We had to wash notebooks, a table I had under the big table, supply catalogs, everything! I had canvases stored in a cardboard box and that box had to be thrown away!

Now I am wondering if this is why my Jackson died suddenly last June. Because she was indoors nearly all of her 11 years and we used that litter the whole time, I have to wonder what the chemicals in it did!

As far as the strong scent, we never had problems with it until a few months ago, but it took time to dawn on us that there could be a problem for our health and the health of our cats.

Two weeks ago my daughter switched to a natural product called Swheat Scoop. Today I switched. You should too. . . for your cat's sake and yours.

Frances - The cat who has adopted a lot of Jackson's ways.

Why is Cancer Killing Our Pets?


At 8:17 AM, March 16, 2009 , Blogger GreenChick said...

Hey Katrina,

Great Blog entry. I agree the chemicals they put in many of today's cat litter are awful. More research needs to be done to study the effect it is having on cats. Another cat litter you might want to try is FreshAire With Bio-Filters. It just hit the market and as of yet, it's only available at PetSmart. It was invented and patented in America as the responsible choice in cat litter, combining organic natural ingredients (recycled wood) with traditional litter ingredients (two types of clay) for a bio-friendly litter that has terrific odor control and clumps tight with absolutely no need for chemicals or fragrances. It uses 40% less non-renewable surface-mined clay, than traditional clumping litters.

Like I said, you can get it at PetSmart more information is at

Good luck & I hope you are feeling better.

At 7:45 AM, March 18, 2009 , Blogger bluecat said...

Thanks for the info!


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