Sunday, May 09, 2010


BP Oil Drilling Disaster: Latest Spill Projections

(from Gulf Restoration Network)
Map projections for Mississippi do not look good.

We cannot have this happen. It's like a bad dream. It can't really be happening. 

The fear and imagery of these projections coming to fruition is beyond comprehention. Long term devastation and massive losses are just too much to take in. 

But reality can be cruel. Katrina proved that for sure as we approach the 5 year anniversary with much still to be done relative to recovery.
Oil spill damage involves much, much more and  then, full recovery may not be reached. Just check up on the still-pervading results of the EXXON VALDEZ spill! With those porobabilities in mind, the Gulf Coast faces a truly scary and deeply saddening situation of utmost need for a positive resolution.   

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