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The above link will take you to one of the saddest stories I've read lately, mainly because visitors and children became witnesses to the outrageous scene that had reached one of our beautiful barrier islands.

The part that baffles me is the REASON this scene has been allowed to happen.

Why have people and the White House dragged their feet, ignored the catastrophy out in the Gulf of Mexico, disallowed Skimmers from coming to our aid and allowed BP to run the show? COLLUSION.

Why had the President NOT used his time wisely? Why has he NOT used his Executive Powers to over-ride STUPID and/or OUTDATED "rules/laws?" RED TAPE.

Why have the Skimmers remained in other locations? The supposed, ridiculous reason is, "they might be needed." (is there something we don't know about?)

The ISSUE IS, you idiots, those Skimmers are NEEDED NOW... they were NEEDED 70+ days ago!!! Skimmers brought in could have worked together and stopped the oil from moving in on us. RED TAPE.

More boom, at the beginning, should have been put in place. City Mayors are STILL having to plead for boom and ask "permission" to use it??? Red TAPE.

You've disallowed ships and Skimmers from other countries who've attempted to come to our aid and help us. How does this make America look? What is being hidden? Red Tape!

What are you thinking?

Oh! You're NOT thinking! You are playing games. You and all of those involved in this lack-of-management, brainless, air-headed collision course with Nature are Red-Taping the Gulf of Mexico, its people, its businesss, and its sealife to death. YOU are the problem.

You are the terrorists - proven by your lack of control over BP, the biggest oil spill in history, the largest environmental catastrophy in America, the deaths of thousands of peoples' ways-of-life, the deaths of thousands upon thousands of animal lives and undersea life forms.

You, Mr. President, have proven you are ignorant of the enormity of, the seriousness of, and the long-term effects of this Ecological Disaster. by ignoring the need for immediacy of the situation. Thus, You are aiding and abbetting BP's lies and cover-up schemes - their use of Dispersants has purposely hidden the true spill amount and delayed the ability to skim the spill. Dispersants and Burning oil have needlessly added to the ecological disaster and to the numbers of sealife deaths. Burning animals alive, most noticeably Sea Turtles- including babies - is reprehensible and evil.

All of you are cowards hanging onto ignorance, cozy associations of which you all benefit while people along the Gulf Coast are dying emotionally, economically, and literally and animal life is suffering ungodly torture and undeserved death.

YOU should be in THEIR place!!!

WAKE UP... and PRAY for yourselves.

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