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Frances came to us two and a half years ago frightened and freaked out. She was on the porch two days before Christmas in 2006. Something clearly had upset and scared her, but she came in the house, found the most comfy chair and adopted us. With a lot of gentle care, she slowly came to trust us and respond to our love.

After Jackson passed away a year ago, Frances suddenly began to assume much of Jackson's antics and behaviors. It was bizarre to say the least but very funny and comforting.

Suddenly on Sunday, Aug. 2nd. she began throwing up and did so off and on all day. Early Monday morning she continued to feel bad and threw up a bit of blood. We immediately took her to the vet. As the day progressed into 4 days, she steadily went down. Diagnosis after an exploratory was cancer of her GI track. On Thursday morning, Aug. 6th., I held in in my arms and we sent her over The Rainbow Bridge.

This has been a shock to my heart.
She was a sweet spirit and and gentle soul in our home. Her leaving has left a black hole in my life and she is deeply missed. The loss of two beloved cats in a year and two months is just too much.


Animal Clinic of Oxford is an incredibly friendly and caring place. We were well informed of Frances's situation - communication was clear and explanations were pondered and options given. We were given empathy and sympathy and time to talk about our feelings and our pet. We appreciate everything they did for us and Frances.

Saturday, Aug. 8th. –
Moonpie, a stray I feed, was keeping vigil yesterday between the three cats- Jackson, Cosmo, and Frances's grave in foreground. He has never laid there before. He normally does not hang around during the day, especially when it is hot, which it was yesterday. He stayed there about 3 hours.

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