Thursday, October 15, 2009

SUICIDES and KATRINA "recovery"

All I can say is that people in general honestly believe Barbour has done a great thing in getting "aid" to the Great State of Mississippi!?? That line of crap got him re-elected along with Wicker, etc. Does anyone really think those guys fret and worry about the folks who are tied into the statistics such as the ones in the Seacoast Echo which Kathleen, of the Relief Volunteers, writes about in her blog?

Do you think they shed a tear over any of those who have turned to self medication in order to get through another day? Do you think they feel anything at all about those who have committed suicide? NO!! If they did care, honestly and truly care as their so-called "beliefs" and "Chritianity" calls them to then we would have a phenomenal health and mental health care system in this state! People would be back in their homes.

Instead, you have the likes of Wicker harping on the country's deficit (which he seems to think Obama created), Obama in general, and swearing to "get America's fiscal house back in order." Where was he in the Bush years? Where was Barbour et. al?They could care less about the recovery of the "peoples' coast."

They're all sleeping in cozy beds!

Relief Volunteers - Hancock Co., MS
Look for the article posted Oct. 5, 2009 titled " For Whom the Bell Tolls Five Years Beyond"


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