Thursday, April 29, 2010


Let it be known, I am NOT in agreement with off-shore drilling, or drilling in general. It does too much damage, much we aren't even aware of YET. 

This current Disaster IS another Katrinaesque bomb of destruction beyond comprehension. It is truly sad and it is a dire consequence of greed and misunderstanding of the inter-workings and even the tiniest dynamics of the Earth which WE continue to take lightly and destroy!

THIS is the point at which I stop taking it as lightly as I have, even though I have been against certain things. 

THIS is where I SPEAK. "Drill Baby Drillers" and your ridiculously irresponsible, money-driven, earth and life-destroying greed MUST END! And to start, you can take your oil rigs and stuff them where the sun doesn't shine!

Gara - Mississippi Gulf Coast Advocate
           for Clean and Beautiful 
Oxford, MS

Via Twitter: ( 9:30 pm) 
@BARBIEBASSETT  (in Jackson, MS) - Gotten several calls tonight from viewers smelling the oil from the Gulf of Mexico.


Update Links on Oil Ecocatastrophy 
( thanks for the word @mediamadam - via Twitter )


From AP -


From WLOX - Biloxi


Oil spill shoreline impact, shows Florida arrival Monday -


RT @jimwxgator Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Clean-Up Volunteers are needed!  Please RT this information:  |

RT @jimwxgator Growing oil spill in Gulf of Mexico could cost insurers $1.5 billion

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