Friday, April 02, 2010


When I post updates from my iPhone (from Tweeted news on Twitterrific) that includes a link to a story at hand, the HTML code for the link is showing up in the post. I am sorry. It looks ratty and so un-pro. It's messy, but the links work.

I logged into the blog on iPhone--(where I tend to "live" these days) to see about fixing the code, but the entire post was so janked-up with code that it was just no use. It was a puzzle to be taken apart and reassembled....thus, iPhone posts from Tweets I get and wish to pass along will be a bit out of sorts.

Please forgive. Katrina did it. :)

Thanks to all who visit here and read about my beloved Mississippi Gulf Coast.
We still have far to go, we can do it!


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