Saturday, September 22, 2007


I Can't Stand this CRAP!

Well folks, the signs are springing up around the hill country town of Oxford, MS... an so desperately so, that they were posted East of Lamar Blvd. approximately every hundred feet or so along University Ave. on CITY property! I couldn't believe my eyes. Thankfully, someone "voluntarily" and/or purposefully removed them by the evening on the same day of posting. Funny, I was going to do that.

Anyway, I found a sign laying over in the parking lot of Home Depot today and so I grabbed it and brought it home. Not because I'm a Barbourite, either.

That barbarous phrase of his, "Moving Foreward Together" stung me as a lie. It's ironic that such a phrase should be used at this point in time relative to Katrina and Barbour's other phrase, "recover, rebuild, renew." Bogus! Does he think people like me who pay attention to the coast and its issues TWO YEARS after Katrina are blind? Does he think people living, or trying to live, in places like Bay St. Louis, Pass Christian, Pearlington, and Waveland are actually included in his thinking when "Moving Foreward Together" was formed as his mantra for making him Governor again? PEOPLE ARE STILL in FEMA TRAILERS for Pete's sake!!

Once again, words out of the mouths of politicians are like air. Empty. They mean nothing when it comes to the reality of certain issues on the coast.

I suppose also that Barbour's television ad with the whispery-soft voice of a dense southern belle touting the number of jobs he has helped bring into our state is supposed to make us all feel warm and fuzzy. I swear, I didn't know that he had helped create 60 whole new jobs in Bay St. Louis and the 270 "Coming Soon" jobs in Pearlington! That should make everything as right as rain for the coast. That should really fix em up down there. A few jobs and all is well... you know, the bootstrap theory?!

The tragedy with this whole gubernatorial race and the "issues" these two nut jobs are trying to bribe us with is that we have NO ONE that really and trully speaks for "the people" – the ones who SHOULD be included in the so-called "Moving Foreward Together" theory, but are NOT!

No one to vote for. A truly sad day. And people don't think this country needs a third or even a fourth party...

Oh, and gubernatorial should probably be spelled "goobernatorial."

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