Thursday, March 27, 2008

DUMP THE PUMPS ! Hearing in Vicksburg


The infamous Yazoo Pumps plot would destroy over 200,000 acres of wetlands if allowed to come into being. With the DEAD ZONE growing in the Gulf and now the Mississippi River cresting from heavy rains in the Mid-West, we cannot afford to lose our wetland areas.

THANKS to the Healthy Gulf organization and to all the people out there who have made their voices heard, huge strides have been achieved towards protecting the natural heritage of the Mississippi Delta, BUT THE VETO IS NOT A DONE DEAL.

To end the threat once and for all the EPA needs to hear that you support it's efforts. Visit the Yazoo Pumps Blog to learn more.

Also, please visit GRN for a lot of really good information and links. The wetlands and future generations of people and wildlife will love you for caring.

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