Thursday, January 28, 2010

Such Sweet Sorrow - Departed Dream

One of my many extremely amazing encounters in the little "Magic Land."

Fond memories of Live Oaks on Washington in Ocean Springs, MS.

(Posted via iPhone)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

No More Words

This collage, which was created solely on the iPhone, was accidently posted here instead of to the iphonecollage blog. I was going to remove it, but thought, it seemed to fit as a kind of summary to what's gone on in my own life- how Katrina has destroyed so many personal dreams. That destruction ended up penetrating every bit of our lives together. This seemed like a final curtain on the dream of living on the coast.

The first Live Oaks to be seen on Hwy 49 to Gulfport are shown as a sign of pure joy and excitement that "the coast was near" and we could hardly wait to get there.

The poem speaks the sadness of a reality that abducted the dream.

down a blue road
wishing for green,
No. 3 dream,
I remember the sound,
a counter-dream
wounded earth-
lone tree standing,
in confusion, depletion of color,
echoes of loss / of wind
of water's rage. . .

ocean landfall. . . ending all.