Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Messages on the Window

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For our third trip down to the coast from Oxford, we wanted to give everyone a chance to get "the message" as they approached our vehicle, passed us, or saw it sitting around parked.

At various times I change the messages with hopes of catching people's attention. And it has been working. People have come up to me to ask if I'm from Waveland, or Pearlington, or the coast. I say "no" but... and then I tell them my story and what I'm trying to accomplish with my graffiti. I give them my "business" card with my website addresses and pray they'll visit the sites and decide to go help out and also spread the word to anyone that they know.

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Though we were here in Oxford for Christmas, I had two very touching encounters with people who have family on the coast. They were very appreciative of the window writing and hoped that people in general would not forget Katrina and the coast. That is one of their biggest fears.

Mary - Biloxi Cemetery - Aug. 30, 2006

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As I walked up the sidewalk to the Biloxi cemetery on Hwy. 90, I could not believe my eyes. The destruction to grave sites was unimaginable. Actually, I had not thought about cemeteries in general with relation to the power of Katrina. Some things you just don't think about until you see them. There were grave markers sitting by the sidewalk. Everything was in complete disarray one year after Katrina.

As we drove around, and our time was very limited, I was continually noticing the presence of Mary. I had heard and read stories of how various statues of saints had miraculously survived the surge... touching stories indeed. While walking in the cemetery there were strong feelings of sacredness and hallowed ground. I also felt sadness that this place had not been cleaned up and repaired.

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Pearlington Recovery & Resource Center: Miracles in Street Clothes

Pearlington Recovery & Resource Center: Miracles in Street Clothes

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

MS INSURANCE Bill of Rights - Ready to go


2007 Regular Session

To: Insurance

By: Representative Peranich, Fleming, Gibbs, Guice, Ishee, Janus, Lane, Mayo, McBride, Simpson, Upshaw

House Bill 1237
Please go to the home page: http://www.msbillofrights.com/

View which Legislator is on our side or against us. See the color codes and take a look at the chart - most are black. What are they waiting for???
Green = Will support the Bill of Rights
Red = Not supporting Bill of Rights
Black = Has not replied to my request

Please help gather support from our House and Senate Members by contacting them. Contact info and a form email is on the site at the bottom of the page.

MS Ins. Bill of Rights

Monday, January 15, 2007

"No man is an island . . ." The passing of Raymond Diaz

Pearlington Recovery & Resource Center: No Man is an Island

Canada Jon White -- working for recovery in Pearlington writes a beautiful piece on the loss of his friend Raymond Diaz.

He begins with the quote: "No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee." – John Donne

If only the masses could understand the depth of what John Donne wrote and how it is reflected in what Jon, himself, has so eloquently expressed in his words concerning Mr. Diaz' passing and what WE must do in response.

The larger picture. The greater good. The needs of so many needing to be met. Justice for all in this country doesn't JUST equate to matters of The Law.

Justice means Equality and Fairness for ALL in everyday matters. Pearlington and the coast deserve Justice. Justice involves the respect and understanding of Individual Dignity and Rights.

Please go to the following link and read this incredible essay by Brigitte Frase:
Justice or Charity?

God Bless The Diaz family, all of Pearlington, and all of those who've gone there to help, all who plan on going to help, and all who remain there to help.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Pearlington –

* * * My trip to Pearlington during Katrina Anniversary week - Aug. 27-31, 2006 ---- http://www.mississippijournal.net/Pearlington.html

::: http://www.pearlingtonms.com/

::: http://www.pearlingtonrelief.blogspot.com/

::: http://pearlington.blogspot.com/2006/08/quiet-in-pearlington.html

::: http://operationeden.blogspot.com/2006/08/restart.html

::: http://www.onehouseatatime.com/ ---- To volunteer to work on a home in Hancock County, contact Glenn Locklin at moonlightpaint@hotmail.com or call 615-496-6981.

::: http://www.pearlingtonreportcard.blogspot.com/ ---- Updated Jan. 4, 2007 - check the list of upcoming trips.

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Confederacy of Dunces USA: Pearlington MS Update

Confederacy of Dunces USA: Pearlington MS Update

Please, folks, if you have any time to volunteer, consider going to Pearlington, MS.
Email: angela@pearlingtonproject.org
Web: www.pearlingtonproject.org

Also check the following links:
* * * My trip to Pearlington during Katrina Anniversary week - Aug. 27-31, 2006

::: http://www.pearlingtonproject.org/ ::: See how New Hope Construction helped the Ward family with a new home and a wedding day after Katrina.

::: operation eden - "A personal chronicle of what hurricane Katrina has done to my poor proud people." – clayton james cubitt "Katrina: a gallery of images" is Clayton's link to his incredible photography... these are some of the most powerfully personal photos I've seen.