Thursday, October 15, 2009


President Obama is bypassing Mississippi on his Gulf Coast visit
Hattiesburg - WDAM


I am asking: WHY is the President skipping out on Mississippi, where the EYE of KATRINA made landfall?!

The WDAM story, which came across Twitter, is full of long-winded excuses made by Obama's team, but I say there are NO REASONS that he should not have come to Mississippi and made a tour from Pearlington to Pascagoula!!! Nothing short of that should have been No. 1 on his so-called Katrina visit to "The Gulf Coast!"

No amount of telling the President what Katrina did to Mississippi can replace the importance and profundity of actually walking through the results of Katrina!

It seems that Katrina only made New Orleans worthy of a visit from the President. And it still seems like most of the nation continues to believe that "New Orleans" and "Gulf Coast" are one and the same.

Sad indeed!

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