Monday, February 05, 2007


This is my letter to the Editor of The Sun Herald - Biloxi, MS - sent Feb. 1, 2007 -- as of today, unpublished

Silence is not so golden –

I am writing in reference to the Editorial – "The president's silence on Katrina speaks volumes."

FINALLY, I thought, someone spoke out on the president's flagrant snubbing of Katrina and to all people affected by her. However, after reading and digesting the piece, I don't see much that was offered by that writer at all.

The editorial mentioned several specifics concerning New Orleans and their legitimate and tremendous problems which seem to be mounting even higher.

Mississippi Gulf Coast communities also have legitimate problems and issues, but the writer gave us the mentioning of only ONE – insurance, and with that, the news about State Farm settling and insurance costs being a reason that businesses (he only names Oreck) are departing our state. He could have Googled two words, Katrina Mississippi, and written a truly beneficial editorial.

Beyond what I've just said, though, is the FACT that Bush did not mention Katrina issues . . . I watched and waited for the words, Katrina Mississippi. That didn't happen and I was infuriated to say the least!

Bush’s so-called State of the Union "speech" was nothing but air. His smirky face and his "doing good" talk made me want to hurl. I was and still am appalled that he left out Katrina and ALL of those affected by her. We ARE a part of “the Union.” Perhaps he feels everyone down here is just fine and dandy since casinos are operating and condo developers are flocking like vultures to every nook and coastal cranny they can sink their greedy claws into.

We have enough problems with people forgetting that individuals and communites STILL NEED volunteers and HELP to rebuild. His failure to talk about Katrina at this time most likely gave those who were listening and didn’t know any better the idea that we are doing fine. His silence on Katrina issues is a huge disservice and an insult.

Bush needs to take a trip to Pearlington. I dare him to flash that smirky smile.

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