Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Dr. Keith Blackwell is a hurricane expert and professor at the University of South Alabama. His research has focused on Katrina having two eyewalls and explains how this is responsible for such devastation all along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Microwave satellite technology is the latest way to look inside of a hurricane's storm clouds and Dr. Blackwell used this incredible technology to study Katrina. This amazing way of being able to look down through the hurricane's clouds and to see the actions of the eyewall's developement led him to discover a second and extremely potent eyewall. This second eyewall extended the severe hurricane winds much farther out from the storm’s actual center.

I had voiced my opinion on many ocassions that I did not see how, given the tremendous amount of devastation that Mississippi suffered, and not just along the coast, that Katrina had been just a plain ole cat 3 at landfall. There was just too much catastrophic damage and the varying damage was just too widespread.

This report explains how and why this cat 3 hurricane did what it did, thus creating the biggest natural disaster in America’s history.

For an extraordinaryly interesting read, please download the pdf document at the link below.
"Hurricane Katrina and Double Eyewalls"

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