Thursday, January 21, 2010

No More Words

This collage, which was created solely on the iPhone, was accidently posted here instead of to the iphonecollage blog. I was going to remove it, but thought, it seemed to fit as a kind of summary to what's gone on in my own life- how Katrina has destroyed so many personal dreams. That destruction ended up penetrating every bit of our lives together. This seemed like a final curtain on the dream of living on the coast.

The first Live Oaks to be seen on Hwy 49 to Gulfport are shown as a sign of pure joy and excitement that "the coast was near" and we could hardly wait to get there.

The poem speaks the sadness of a reality that abducted the dream.

down a blue road
wishing for green,
No. 3 dream,
I remember the sound,
a counter-dream
wounded earth-
lone tree standing,
in confusion, depletion of color,
echoes of loss / of wind
of water's rage. . .

ocean landfall. . . ending all.


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