Thursday, August 02, 2007


This is a copy of a letter I sent to the Biloxi Sun Herald

I am writing in reference to the July 31st. story, "County rejects modular home."

MODULAR homes are NOT MOBILE homes. Modular and Mobile are two different words with totally different meanings.

I would like to challenge all of those posting negative remarks in the comment section of the story and all CITY "LEADERS" to go to "GOOGLE" then click "Images," then type in "Modular Homes." DO YOUR RESEARCH. Educate yourselves instead of causing more problems than is necessary. Then create some guidelines as pertains to DESIGN and STYLE and let modular homes be included in site built neighborhoods.

I am in agreement that Mobile housing/TRAILERS should NOT be put into a neighborhood of site built housing. TRAILERS are cheap boxes made with cheap products which decrease in value.

Modular homes are an important piece of the puzzle for accomplishing the rebuilding of homes along the coast. There are many, many types of designs and styles of architecture for modular homes and THAT is where to begin in solving the issues of Modular Homes in site built neighborhoods. People just need to pick the style that blends with the environment.

As for covenants??? Katrina has changed the coast in ways that those covenants nor their creators could have forseen. NEW IDEAS are what is needed now. What's wrong with getting yourselves up to date and educated and then make changes in those outdated covenants to include MODULAR HOMES?

Now, quit bickering!

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